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Noise affects you as a professional, office worker, teacher, and student. It impairs your ability to read and write effectively, remember what you have learned, and do math. Everyday noise can cause a performance loss of 50 percent or more. This is easily the difference between an A and an F. Luckily there are some smart ways to block out and mask noise so it doesn’t disrupt you. noise also affects on study disturbance, sleeping , you can also use earmuffs for sleeping 
A good 18 months ago, I was sitting on my balcony watching an online lecture on my computer. My balcony is facing a small aisle, but the traffic noise from a nearby road is still very noticeable.  I was wearing decent earbuds, so the noise wasn’t bothering me – or so I thought.
Just out of curiosity, I put on a pair of earmuffs, which I had purchased earlier to block out noises that often startle me during my early-afternoon naps.
Well, they did a hell of a job with the traffic noise: I was sitting there, and all the honking, squeaking and rumbling had receded into the background. It wasn’t completely quiet, but everything was so faint. That’s very nice indeed, I thought.

Why not try continuing the lecture with my earbuds underneath the earmuffs?

Some points to consider before buying earmuffs for studying.


The first thing I noticed was that the voice of the lecturer was now way too loud. Annoyingly loud.

I had to turn down the volume from 10 to 3 to make it comfortable again.  I also noticed that I could hear the finer nuances of the lecturer’s voice.

I could even understand other students’ questions. These students weren’t equipped with microphones as this was a normal computer science lecture recorded at MIT in a big lecture hall (part of MIT’s Open Courseware program).

Wow – it was so much easier to follow the lecture and take in the whole experience.

One of the great advantages of watching a recorded lecture is that you can stop it and re-listen to parts you couldn’t comprehend the first time. After putting on the earmuffs, this became almost completely unnecessary.

Not only was I able to listen at a much lower volume and make out previously unheard details, I was also comprehending faster!

Studying in a room full of other people is really difficult. Moreover, the unavoidable noises in your room – beeps from gadgets, screeching cars, fans and air-conditioning units, television, radio, various home appliances, and many more. But the good thing is there are some of the best earmuffs for studying to help you deal with these nuisance.


Some points to consider before buying earmuffs for studying.


  1. As you are going to buy for studying, so apparently you will be using it for hours, just make sure they are comfortable.


  1. Also, check the earmuffs Noise Reduction Rating or NRR, which practically indicates how much sound it can block.


  1. You have to check that your prospect gadget is made of the most durable materials. It should also withstand wear and tear, as well as thorough cleaning.


  1. When picking an earplug, you need to consider the value relative to its technology and material.

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